• URGENT: the Gospel of Mark

    One of the ancient biographies we have of Jesus Christ is full of urgent action and teaching. Jesus seems to be in a hurry to get to Jerusalem, though he clearly knows that when he gets there he will be betrayed, mocked and killed (and then he comes alive again!) Jesus also teaches his students (disciples) how to live with Him as King. Jesus turns things upside-down: no one is ‘good’; the worst people get the most help; being comfortable is a sign of trouble – These are some of the surprising things that Jesus teaches. If you would like to hear first hand (Mark was there, in person when these things happened) what the founder of Christianity has to say for himself, then you should make time to join us any Sunday (in Gordon School Hall) at 10am and again at 4:30pm.

  • Fair Trade Stall at Election Day Market

    It is a real honour for our church to host a Fair Trade Stall at the Gordon Primary School Election Day Market. We have partnered with Tribes and Nations to have quality products at a price that honours the workers who made it. In the Bible, God calls on his people to care for the vulnerable and the needy – and there’s even more room to for us to do that today, at a global level. You can visit our stall, or join us when we meet on Sunday (10am & 4:30pm, at Gordon School hall), to find out more about what the Bible says on the topic of fairness.

  • Core Values: We value the reading and teaching of God’s Word, the Bible

    The values of our church can sometimes vanish behind the activity – although they inform what we do. Often the Core Values will be so obvious it feel like they go without saying – but we think they are worth defining and clarifying. The core values give shape to our activity. One of our core values is: the reading and teaching of God’s word, the Bible. We believe that to make disciples, to help them grow, to give godly shape to our activity we need a solid diet of the Word of God. We believe that it is good to hear God’s word read aloud; it is good to read it together; and it is good to teach it to one another. This core values explains why we read the Bible on Sunday, why we call our small groups ‘Bible study groups’, and why we have a weekly Bible talk.

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