• Church at 4:30 moves to a NEW location

    Are are moving our Church at 4:30 meeting to a NEW location on Sunday December 11th. We’d love you to come and visit with us as we meet in the Gordon Childcare Centre. It’s on Lewis Luxton Ave, opposite the IGA shop (FYI: Lewis Luxton was an Olympic rower, WWII vertern, served on the International Olympic Committee, and was deputy-chair for the committee running the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956, just thought you might like to know). The NEW location for Church at 4:30 has easy parking, and we have a casual style for church. We’re looking to check what the Bible says about Jesus, and help each other draw closer to God. You could come and visit to see if our Church at 4:30 community will help you grow to know God better.

  • Christmas at Lanyon Valley Anglican Church

    What a delight to celebrate the arrival of the Lord Jesus at Christmas time, and in the midst of busyness to make time for reflection on the meaning of Christmas. Please join us for our Christmas Services: Christmas Eve, 7PM Christmas Day, 10AM As with every Sunday we will hold these gatherings in Gordon School Hall, Knoke Ave, Gordon. Our regular services are each Sunday at 10AM and 4:30PM, including New Year’s Day.

  • Core Values: We value prayer because it shows how much we need God

    Lanyon Valley Anglican Church is in no way unique in it’s attitude to prayer. Christians have always included prayer in their public gatherings (what we call ‘church’) and also in private time with God. But even thought it seems very obvious to say that our church values prayer, we think it’s important to remind ourselves of this core value. Prayer is talking to God – Jesus taught his students a prayer (Matthew 6:9-13 and also Luke 11:1-13) and he taught them to keep on praying, never giving up this core part of faith in God. He didn’t mean to only ever use these exact word – Jesus uses other words when he prays. Given that Christians believe that Jesus is totally God, it may seem odd that he has to pray – isn’t that God talking to God? If he’s God, why does he need to ask God for help?

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